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In blackjack all cards with drawings have the value 10. cards of numbers, 2-10, count to their nominal value and the aces are valued at 1 or 11, depending on what values ​​you decide to use in terms of the construction of the best hand . Best rated online casinos is very interesting to play . […]

Today we are dealing with domain trading . An increasingly interesting sector, which in the meantime is hardly any- what compared to the stock market. The principle here is to buy cheap domains and then resell them with profit. But how does this work in detail? How does the trade work, what do you have […]

The best organic skin care routine is usually followed by an occlusive night cream that includes and seals the active ingredients and moisture of the previous special care, or with a daily cream, which should in any case be sun protection . The night cream provides additional moisture and softens the skin so that the […]

Recently, my dear friend Annette called me during my stay in Mallorca. She has lived on the island for decades and is married to a Mallorquiner. Annette has already done several times with her nieces and friends the hcg diet protocol . Very enthusiastically she told me that now also a good friend from Manacor, which […]