A common misconception about Graphic Designers (Graphic Artists) is that the word “Graphic” in Graphic Designer is a noun. This suggests that Graphic Designers only design graphics. This is incorrect.

The “Graphic” in Graphic Designer (Graphic Artist) is an adjective. Graphic Designers actually design a wide variety of things including graphics, logos, brochures, booklets, advertisements, signs and a great deal more, but we design them in a way that is vivid and memorable (in other words – graphic). More than that, Graphic Design is a complex combination of advertising principles, psychology and art used to communicate to large masses of people or perhaps a more specific audience.

Real Graphic Design done by real Graphic Designers (Graphic Artists) is well planned out and custom fitted to appeal to its intended audience. There should be a logical balance of information and visual persuasion. A Graphic Design for a travel brochure for example, would be full of persuasive photos but would not hold every detail of information about the destinations (it uses its design to persuade you to go there – form over function). A design for an employee handbook on the other hand, would use very little persuasion as most of the Graphic Design work would go into the organizing of all the information making it easier to read and use (function over form).

Graphic Design should never be mass produced or quickly slapped together using templates or other shortcuts. Rather, it should be developed through a careful process of proofing and feedback between Graphic Designer and client.