Are you able to avoid a grin, fidgeting and blushing when you are excited or worried? If you are a poker player then you know that the renouncement of any unconscious behavior, also called Tell, is very important in a poker game. An unconscious behavior includes things like, Such as trembling, changing breathing, grip on chips, etc. In this article, we will show you what you should look out for and how you can better control your behavior. The well-known world series of poker free chips must also be brought under control. In doing so, we will not only reduce your face but give you tips on your body language and your overall appearance. And here too, as with so many things, “practice makes perfect”.

Facial expressions

Try to be unemotional, a Pokerface should not be readable. But you should not commit the mistake and put a pokerface in the middle of the game when you get a good hand. That would be too conspicuous and you would betray yourself. Ensure from the outset that your facial expression is independent of which hand is being played. It is helpful to think of something beautiful and not to let the profits and losses go unpunished. A portion of relaxed apathy is exactly what you need at the poker table.


If you know that you are betraying yourself through your eyes, it is worthwhile to put on a cap or sunglasses. What do you think the professionals do? It is not easy to control your eyes. If you do not wear a cap or sunglasses, try not to make eye contact during the game.


Caution can also be betrayed by speaking. For example, if someone suddenly becomes dumb when getting a hand, or someone who has been silent so far is starting to talk a lot, then he usually has a good hand. Also, the sound of the voice can be an indication of weakness or strength, experienced professionals , it sometimes suffices to hear the voice only once to complete the overall impression.


Hands have nothing to look for in the face. In spite of everything, there are some who always touch their face or play with their hair when they are nervous. Try to avoid these unconscious actions by keeping your hands steady and in an upright position. By the way, inexperienced poker players often assume that shaky hands when betting are a sign of bluffing. The opposite is true. Do not play with your hands on the chips, as this usually reveals a strong hand.


As I mentioned above, it is best to have a comfortable upright sitting position that you will not change during the game. Above all, a sudden uprightness in the chair usually indicates a lucrative hand, so one can easily betray oneself. You should not move your feet as much as possible, to float like a toddler makes your excitement visible and point to a strong hand.


Professionals know that players have a good hand when they have a bad hand. Often, inexperienced poker players also try to act and fool weakness or strength. It is best to always bet your Bets, Calls, Folds, etc. in the same way. Also remember that you do not freeze or stop the air after setting, because that usually means that you are bluffing. Caution is also required at the wet height. If you set too high or too low, betray your hand because your betsheets usually correspond to your cards. When the cards are distributed by the dealer, savvy poker players keep your eyes on the opponents as long as possible for information. Your own cards will be viewed as late as possible.

As you can see, there are many rules for poker. It takes a lot of experience and work to not reveal any Tells. This ability to train takes its time and is not a children’s game. The above points are intended to make things easier for you and give you the opportunity to interpret the behavior of the others correctly. Knowing and deciphering Tells is not easy, however, and your intuition plays a big role in poker. They have the intuitive ability to interpret a certain behavior in the subconscious. To feel something that is not consciously grasp is a feeling that tells you that something is funny here. We hope that you are a bit smarter now and can help you with the next poker game.