The best organic skin care routine is usually followed by an occlusive night cream that includes and seals the active ingredients and moisture of the previous special care, or with a daily cream, which should in any case be sun protection .

The night cream provides additional moisture and softens the skin so that the skin can not dry out. The moisture from serum, toner and Co. is enclosed by the sealing ingredients of the less light night cream. Ingredients such as herbal oils, shea butter and co. Ensure that the skin will radiate bright and vital the next morning.

Do not forget sun protection – even in winter

During the day, a day cream and / or a sun protection forms the end of the layering routine. The skin is optimally protected against UV radiation. By the way, sun protection is not only important in summer. The much deeper UVA radiation, which is responsible for wrinkles and destroys our collagen fibers, is equally strong all year round. This is why you  do not want to do without sun protection even in winter !

More tips

Always treat the eye part with special eye care products. The skin around the eye is particularly sensitive and thin. Peelings, masks and toner.

The mix makes it! Some products can be mixed very well. For example, one drop of facial oil can be added to the night cream: the oil can be distributed better and the cream becomes more rich.

We hope with our tips on layering we have put some light into the dark. More tips about skin care and cosmetics are regularly available here in the blog!