Recently, my dear friend Annette called me during my stay in Mallorca. She has lived on the island for decades and is married to a Mallorquiner. Annette has already done several times with her nieces and friends the hcg diet protocol .

Very enthusiastically she told me that now also a good friend from Manacor, which has a beauty studio there, has started with a larger group of women the hCG diet with the hormony drops. She asked me if I did not even want to get to know the women and would like to talk about the diet and ask questions. For this I was gladly ready. We had a wonderful evening. Loli Alfaro, the owner of Centro Estetico in Manacor, showed me her great studio. Their spectrum ranges from Ayurvedic treatments to facials and programs for body tightening. Everything on a natural basis.

Annette will be happy to tell you about her experiences and share her delicious recipes with us.

List of permitted foods

A few days ago I received an email from a naturopath. She looked at my blog and was a bit irritated about what I ate like: omelette, cottage cheese, beetroot, salad without proteins ..

She wrote, “I lose credibility when I refer to you and then you have other dietary  guidelines than those you have given yourself. Do you just understand my dilemma? ”

The reason for the misunderstanding turned out quickly.

Here is the excerpt from the hCG book:

Suitable food

The list of suitable and unsuitable food is based on the data provided by the original diet of Dr. Simeon. They are many years of Dr. Simeons tested and found suitable for the diet. However, since he developed the dietary instructions already in the 50s of the past century, many modern foods (eg low-fat cottage cheese) and the findings of modern nutritional science were not yet known at the time. With today’s knowledge and the extended range of foods, the original list of suitable foods can be expanded to include some food. For a better distinction, the “likewise suitable foods” were placed behind the original list of Dr. Simeons.

Integrate only one of the “appropriate foods” and watch your weight the next day. Not everyone reacts directly to certain foods. Add only the appropriate foods that will make you feel good and continue to lose weight. These include food such as cottage cheese, yoghurt and cottage cheese (0.7% fat or less), eggs, an omelette, for example, of 1 egg yolk and 2 proteins, tuna without oil, tofu and lupine. Cauliflower, aubergine, green beans, tubers, zucchini, rosé cabbage, savoy cabbage, tubers, beetroots, papaya, rhubarb, bilberries.

I am sorry for the confusion and wish you with the extended food in your patients much success!

A week later

Since dieting , a week has passed and this week it has been in itself. In addition to the daily work, there were still a lot of social commitments that made it easier to maintain weight.

I help myself to drink a glass of protein shake on 2-3 evenings. This is full of energy and provides the body with everything it needs. Sleep and the body’s own hormones also benefit.

Since proteins are enormously important for all body functions and the cell regeneration, here are a few properties of the hormony pure nature protein protein:

One serving (38g = 2 tablespoons) can replace a meal and has only 122 kcal!

  • consisting of three high-quality vegetable proteins
  • cover the entire amino acid spectrum
  • 100% natural, without artificial additives
  • vegan
  • without soya
  • without whey
  • free of gluten and lactose
  • low glycemic index
  • with valuable secondary crops

Now it is important not to add more than half a kilo and to react immediately when the scale goes up.