Acronyms that are heard and we do not know very well what they mean. HCG diet injections is the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin , in fact this is the acronym abbreviation for the name of this hormone in English.

What is it?

It is the hormone that is produced during pregnancy , the embryo produces, in fact this hormone is the one that is detected in the tests of pregnancy , as much in urine as in blood.

The new pregnancy tests can tell the exact day because the amount of this hormone in the urine is measured.

Although this hormone is also produced by men and women by the pituitary gland.

This hormone causes the formation of progesterone during pregnancy and this the preparation of the uterus.

It also stimulates ovulation of the ovaries , so it is used in fertility treatments .

In men it stimulates the production of testosterone.


Does it lose weight?

There has been a lot of talk about the HCG therapies for weight loss in the US, obviously because it is a drug that is not accessible to the large market without medical supervision, so you can find products that stimulate the production of HCG hormone by the body.

In fact I observed in pregnant women with a low calorie diet, their body did not lose muscle mass or lean, but fat.

It is as if the actual production of HCG in these women was intended to protect the pregnancy.

This extrapolated it in obese people and injecting a small dose of this hormone daily, decreased the amount of fat mass without decreasing muscle mass , along with a diet low in calories and expressly rich in protein.

This method was very controversial and even recommended, although currently some studies recommend it in elderly men with low levels of androgens can help them lose fat mass when dieting low in calories.

Although of course it does not eliminate hunger and for this treatment it is necessary the prescription and the follow-up of the endocrine doctor.


Why is it so popular in the bodybuilder environment?

The world of bodybuilding, in its darkest part, is the amount of anabolic with or without a prescription that are used.

It is a controversial point and of course I do not intend to enter into this issue, as it is illegal and harmful to health.

But to give an explanation to this point, when they are giving high amounts of androgens and other steroids, the body stops the production of testosterone itself, when injecting HCG, they stimulate it again.