Now you know the bonus Poker game rules and it is time to discuss the winnings at the Poker bonus. Let us first talk about how you make your commitment. First select the coin value you want to set. Click the (+) button to increase or (-) to decrease the coin value. Click on the betting area to select the amount to be placed. For the bonus bet, click the bonus betting area. With a bonus bet you qualify for bonus payments.

The bonus bet is given at the beginning of the Best Online Poker Game , even if the main bet is made. The bonus payment is determined by the hand combination of the seven given cards before they are divided into the high hand and the low hand. If you have a winning hand combination, the profit is displayed in the Active Assistance with the profit combination and the payout ratio. Your payout is then displayed in the win window at the end of the game.

So what is your profit? A profit hand pays 1: 1 minus 5% commission for the house. A 7-card straight flush brings a payout of 8,000: 1. A Royal Flush plus a pair of Deuces pays 2,000: 1. A 7-card straight flush with a joker has a payout of 1,000: 1. Five Aces (consisting of four Aces and the Joker) pay 400: 1. A Royal Flush consisting of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten of the same color pays 150: 1. A straight flush, a combination of five consecutive cards of the same color pays 50: 1. It is worth mentioning that a straight out of ten, jack, lady, king and ace is the highest straight. Ace, Two, Three, Four and Five is the second highest straight. All other straight hands count according to their value and the higher-grade straight wins.

Next, four-of-a-child pays 25: 1. A full house, consisting of three cards of the same value and two cards of another equal value, pays 5: 1. A flush, defined as a combination of five cards of the same color, pays 4: 1. Three-of-a-kind, three cards of the same value plus two more cards, pays 3: 1. And finally, a straight, defined as five consecutive cards of any color, pays 2: 1. Good luck and have fun with the game!

Terms of the Bonus Pai Gow Poker

Bonus Pai Gow Poker – This is a poker game with 53 cards, the regular deck with 52 cards plus a joker. The goal is to make a high hand and a low hand and play against the giver.

Low Hand – This is made up of two of the seven cards. The goal is to keep these cards as small as possible.

High Hand – This consists of five of the seven divided cards. The goal is to keep these cards as high as possible.

Bonus payment – it is determined by the hand combination of the seven cards, before they are divided into a high hand and a low hand. To qualify, you must complete a bonus bet.

AutoPlay – This feature allows you to automate a certain number of consecutive hands without having to interfere with the gameplay.