Today we are dealing with domain trading . An increasingly interesting sector, which in the meantime is hardly any- what compared to the stock market. The principle here is to buy cheap domains and then resell them with profit.

But how does this work in detail? How does the trade work, what do you have to consider as a beginner and where can get domains and bring back to the man? And most importantly, can domain lucrative lucrative returns be achieved at all?

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Andrej Bensack , operator of the blog Online Geldverdienen asked the IT specialist Andre Matus of TecSpace . TecSpace is a low-priced Webhoster and therefore a valuable conversation partner, who will give valuable insider tips in the interview from many years of industry-specific experience.

Mr. Matus, can domains be viewed as speculative objects?

In fact, there are domains that generate high amounts. If you look at these, one can say that they are domains with relatively short names, and second, that most of the high-quality pages have a .com ending. These still rank among all other top level domains and are also often traded in the 7-digit range. Especially the Chinese are extremely interested in these domains.

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In principle, however, there is a confidentiality agreement between all parties involved, so that the extent to which the domains are sold is not always exactly quantifiable. Such high-quality domains are the exception. Profits are more likely generated by the masses. Hardworking – the sale of many domains.

Is there an entry point for domain trading?   

One can say that about 160,000 domains are registered annually. These are mostly used for websites, but many serve as a commercial object. For the speculation with domains one needs little capital use. Most web hosts require only a few euros per year, so that any losses can be kept manageable. There are actually no hurdles.