Sell ​​products yourself

If you have a nice number of readers on the site who often return to the site and engage in your posts by leaving comments, you have a good channel to sell products yourself. By looking at how your readers can add value to your (free) items, you can sell physical products like a book or merchandise through a web shop.

You can also bundle your best articles with additional information in the form of an e-guide. Such an online product is an extension of all free content that you offer to your reader and helps them achieve a goal. On Fitgirlcode we write about healthy food and through our shop we sell books and water bottles and e-guides from 8-12 weeks to work out and / or fall in a healthy manner. Products are a lot of work and represent a certain value. This is one of the real make money online method.


But what do you do with free products? It’s the dream of many starting bloggers. They see that bloggers are hanging out with the latest must-haves and want it too. But at one point you realize that with new shoes you can not pay the rent. And that such a photo shoot, blog post or video for a brand costs a lot of time. And time .. Yes, of course, it will cost money again. Also, bloggers are asking for a lot of trips for trips to, for example, abroad. These trips are rarely paid and you are expected to make content for the organization.

Of course you can also come to a close cooperation with closed fellowships. This is called a barter. At a barter it is important that it is a exchange of equal value. Is the trip so nice that you want to dedicate a post? Even though there is no money at all, make sure you make clear agreements about what is expected of you. Such a trip costs money so indirectly you will be paid. Eventually, of course, you hope to work with this brand more often. Ask what they expect from you and make a schedule of when you post something. So they can not be disappointed after the trip.