The games of professions or of imitation of the works of adults are some of the preferred by the smallest. Today we look at the Dickie toy log trucks , a very special toy fire truck. And it’s not a toy fire truck either. It is a truck and, at the same time, is a briefcase to keep the tools that every firefighter needs in their work.

With this fire truck briefcase with accessories the kids will have double fun. On the one hand, they will be able to play with this toy fire truck making it roll everywhere, as it has a free wheel system . It also has lights , which will make the game more real.

But, in addition, Dickie’s toy log trucks is a briefcase that keeps different accessories inside so that children can become real firefighters. It contains a firefighter’s plate, a whistle, binoculars, a fire extinguisher, a walkie talkie and a battery- operated flashlight (not included).

With all this material, this toy log trucks, which is also a briefcase, will become the favorite accessory of small adventurers . They will be able to imagine a thousand and one stories in which they themselves will be the true protagonists that help to those who are in danger. Like they were real firefighters!

It is the perfect toy to carry everywhere because it has a handle to carry it comfortably, just like any briefcase. If it is closed it will be a perfect toy fire truck, and when you open it, the kids will discover all the tools necessary for their favorite game of professions.

This toy log trucks joins the collection of Dickie Toys briefcase vehicles we already know. Is composed of:

  • The truck briefcase with DIY accessories to build and repair all the domestic faults.
  • The ambulance briefcase with accessories to become the best doctor.
  • The police car briefcase with accessories to be a true agent of the law.