For blog editors Google AdSense is one of the main source of income.So, quickly Buy Adsense Account. Therefore any incidence that could have the effect of disabling, In addition to great disgust, a very important disorder and a very hard blow in the Line of our revenue.

That is why we must take steps to prevent this from happening, following in detail the AdSense Policies to avoid an unexpected closure of the account and protecting it from possible dishonest actions of other publishers.

The competition is getting tougher and unfortunately there are unscrupulous people who would be able to anything to get out of the way to a direct competitor, even to attack your AdSense account.

Before teaching you how to protect your AdSense account from possible malicious attacks, let’s talk very briefly about things we should not do if we want to keep our account, since it will not serve to protect it against possible external actions if we are ourselves Who shot us in the foot making misuse of it.

Although the average and advanced users of AdSense will know the things that this advertising platform of Google does not allow, we are going to remember some of the most habitual reasons that can generate a closing of our AdSense account:

– Invalid clicks and click promotion: We can not click on our own ads or encourage anyone else to do so.

– Inappropriate Content: We can not place AdSense on sites that violate AdSense Policies. Basically, we can not place AdSense on adult sites, illegal downloads, vile content or promote the sale of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, nonprescription drugs, weapons, etc.

– Copyright: We can not place AdSense on sites with content protected by the Copyright Law.

– Traffic sources: It is not allowed to place AdSense on sites that offer remuneration in exchange for clicks, nor is it allowed to send “spam” emails to receive clicks or use any software to do so.

– Ad behavior: AdSense does not allow ads to be displayed in pop-up windows, use pop-ups, or modify the code of your ads in any way.

– Establish a privacy policy: We must display on our site a Privacy Policy that explains to users that it is possible for certain third parties to enter and read cookies in their browser.


There are aspects that could endanger our AdSense account, for contravening the Policies of this advertising platform. We encourage you to expand this information by carefully reading the AdSense Policies .

Now, let’s go to the subject. How to protect your AdSense account from potential third-party attacks. Well, the first thing we need to know is how other people can jeopardize our account. We already know what AdSense allows and what not, so if someone performs any of the actions previously mentioned in one of our sites, this could lead to problems.

Fortunately, the Google Adsense system is so complex and effective that it automatically detects invalid clicks, and even its source, so that’s not going to be a problem. However, if it is possible for someone to use our code and insert it into an inappropriate site according to the AdSense Policies and in that case if it would cost us more to prove that it was not us. This is,

Very easy. In our AdSense account we have a section where we can inform Google of the sites where it is allowed to display the ads of our account. All we have to do is insert all our domains there, that way the ads will be displayed, but the clicks from that site will not be counted, eliminating any risk to our account.