1.Hydrate the skin with water

Water is essential for our body, for our moisture management. Drink plenty of water every day. Difficult to drink daily? For example, put a barrel of infused water near you. In this way you often give a glass of glass.


  1. Motion for a radiant complexion

Dry skin through the cold during skiing

Great for winter sports, in the sunshine on the mountains. Right then I feel the more my best skin care needs

Regularly fresh air and movement, which improves your blood circulation, gives your face a beautiful radiant complexion. Every day, just outside for a walk or for a while, you will feel well. Even if it’s a quarter. A beautiful motivator anyway?


  1. Natural clothing

The clothes you wear will affect your skin. Choose natural fiber clothing (such as cotton or bamboo). Natural fibers allow your skin to breathe and cause less irritation. Preferably do not wear clothes with polyester and wash your clothes with a natural detergent, without any chemicals or perfumes.


  1. The lamb, the lubrication, the lubrication

Are you perhaps lazy with the skin of your skin? Make sure you have a nice oil in the house. That way you will, for example, put your hands on a lot more often. Another delicious tip: Can you go to a bath with a spoon of coconut oil, then you get smeared and already out of the bath! Together with a delicious essential oil, you can rest and enjoy the goodness of course (of course, do not stay in warm and dry water for a long time;)).


  1. Prevent stress

Research shows that stress is a real wrinkle machine. Relax, take rest and enjoy the moment. Stress is not good at all …


  1. Scrub it off

Start scrubbing your skin and feed it well afterwards. The Amanprana scrubs are ideal, with the delicious oil and the coconut blossom remove your dead skin cells and make your body feel soft and smooth again. Two in one so actually. Do this once a week and you will already notice a lot of improvement.

No dry skin in winter, enjoy in winterEspecially enjoying the winter!

Of course, that dry skin is not the end of the world and brings the winter time just so much to it. Enjoy the cold, sunny winter days, feel the snow cracking under your shoes and enjoy the delicious fresh air.