New customers will receive 50% off my services for your first design. The 50% off savings applies to your first design only. If multiple designs are ordered the design with the highest cost will receive the savings. Projects that are comprised of multiple designs are not considered a single design (i.e.: a book with multiple illustrations is not a single design and the savings will be applied to one of the illustrations for that book). Savings does not apply to any extra expenses that may be required to complete your project including but not limited to; stock photography, specific type fonts that may need to be purchased, shipping/handling or miscellaneous art supplies.The money back guarantee means that if you are unsatisfied with my services before completion of your project, you will be refunded any deposit made towards your project. This refund does not include any extra expenses that may have been purchased for your project. Once you have approved your final draft proof your purchase becomes non-refundable.

Full payment is due upon initial approval of your final draft proof and before you will receive your actual files for printing. Invoices not paid in full within 15 days of your project’s initial approval will be charged a 1.5% per month interest charge. Further adjustments to your project after approval does not extend your payment due date in any way. All Graphic Designs and illustrations (including modifications to existing artwork or designs) is the property of Special Forces Art Department until full payment has been received. Once paid in full, you may use the artwork or designs you purchased here in any way you see fit.

This is a place to request Graphic Design and/or Illustration services online and receive your artwork as digital files that meet or exceed printing industry standards. In the case of handmade artwork, the original artwork will of course be shipped to you. This is not a printing company and no printed reproductions will be provided as part of your purchase. The digital files you purchase here will be setup according to printing industry standards or as specified by your printing company.

If your printing company ever has a problem with one of your files they can always contact me. Projects are not copyrighted here however a copyright release letter will be furnished upon request after full payment has been made. In the case of embroidery your files will need to be digitized by your embroidery company (which they may charge you for). The files offered by Special Forces Art Department are not embroidery files.

If you are located in Pennsylvania, request a physical print or disk of your project from me, or you have ordered handmade artwork, it is Pennsylvania law that I add an additional 6% Sales Tax to your original quote. The services offered by Special Forces Art Department are for Graphic Designs and Illustrations in digital form and do not include prints or reproductions of any kind. In the case of handmade artwork you will of course receive the original artwork.