With the arrival of the summer we think of nothing but to leave the city, escape to refreshing places and bathe in the beach. For those who have dogs it is important to note that not all beaches in Spain are allowed to carry dogs.

Luckily, year after year, there has been increasing awareness on the subject and it is becoming easier to find wonderful beaches in Spain where dogs are allowed.

From Cremascota we take the opportunity to inform you about what they are and what to take into account before going.

Map of beaches for dogs in Spain 2017

This summer 2017 we have an approximate number of 80 beaches in Spain where you can be with your dog.

What to keep in mind if you go with your dog to the beach

– Once you choose the beach that you are going to go with your dog and of course make sure that this is “dogfriendly”, the most important, without doubt, is that your dog should be in a good state of health and with the primer of vaccination updated , in this way we do not assure, not only to take care of their health , but also that of those who are around. It does not usually happen, but even someone may ask you at any given time, so better, take the primer with you. pets products is brought by many pet lovers to keep their pets healthy .

– If your dog is of a Potentially Dangerous Race (PPP), remember that you must, yes or yes, carry him with a muzzle and a leash.

– Take the leash with you. In some areas of the beach it is mandatory to use a strap for the dog, so do not leave it at home, you may need it.

– Watch and if possible, bathe with him. So, in addition to ensuring that everything is going well you can take advantage to refresh yourself and enjoy with your dog.

– Collect caquitas and debris. Please, let’s always be serious about this. Collect your dog’s feces. No one will like to find them later on the beach.