This site is intended to provide professional Graphic Designer (Graphic Artist) and Illustration services to individuals and companies seeking designs that show real experience and produce real results. Companies that already have their own Art Department can also use my services when there are too many orders for their Graphic Design department alone to handle. My skills and years of experience in the Graphic Design and Illustration field are here when you need them. My hope is that you will view my services and continued support of your artwork, as your very own Art Department (or an extension of your existing Art Department, as the case may be).

At Special Forces Art Department I treat every project seriously with a carefully thought out, strategic plan of action developed to produce real results. If you are looking for the fastest turnaround or the lowest quote then there are plenty of imitation Graphic Designer (Graphic Artist) sources ready to give you exactly what you pay for (or less). If you would rather use the term “I got what I paid for” in a good way, request a quote here to see what properly developed Graphic Design and Illustration can really do.

Here every Graphic Design project is created to print at the highest level of quality possible for its intended printing process. All files are prepared using printing industry standards to insure that your printing company will have no problems reproducing your designs. If there is ever a problem with your files, you or your printing company can always contact me to get the problem resolved. In addition to continued support of your files, I keep a backup of every Graphic Design and illustration project that I work on (excluding handmade artwork) in case you ever lose your copy.

Like my Graphic Design services, every Illustration project is constructed to produce the highest print quality possible. Unless you request a handmade illustration, all illustrations are created in the computer as fully or mostly vector artwork depending on the project’s requirements. Vector artwork is basically any design or illustration that is created using a computer program. Vector art will print at the highest possible image quality and it has a number of other advantages that make it a superior format for illustrations.

Every Graphic Design or illustration project you order here is custom developed through a careful process of proofing. The Proofing Process is critical to a successful Graphic Design or Illustration project. It is a visual way to verify that everything is going according to plan and that nothing has been misunderstood along the way.

When you request a quote for Graphic Design or illustration here I will ask you some questions that will help me to provide and accurate quote. After you approve your quote I get started on a rough proof sheet for your project. The rough proof may contain a few possible directions for your Graphic Design or illustration. If one of the options looks like a good start, I develop it into a final draft proof. The proofing process does not stop until you love your finished Graphic Design or illustration however, if the changes you request lead us to a completely different design than what was originally discussed then your quote may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Most average size Graphic Design or illustration projects take about 3 to 5 business days to complete depending on the complexity and/or the number of revisions required. Quick revisions are usually returned the same day they are requested depending on my workload at the time. Initial proofs are typically ready within 1 to 3 business days after your down payment (if required) has been received.